Saturday, July 10, 2010

A staggering 7 websites used my this photo

I used :, to track my photo, I found out a staggering 7 websites, copy my photo into their website.

3 without my permissions

2 put my flickr link there.

2 wrote to me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

My photo was selected photo of the week

k Quay sunset" by henryleong
Clark Quay sunset

"searching for the light in the storm" By: Merilee Phillips

"Summit Storm" By: Darren White Photography


Saturday, May 23, 2009

My photos featured in various medias

Beautiful patterns in the sky, the clouds are drawings
In Radio DJ Ye Yong Mei's Blog.

Turin river
Used by Italian artist Luisa Rabbia in her painting.

Geneva Switzerland
Featured in, by Kaitlin Fontana in the article: The best cities of the world survey.

The world tallest building, Taipei 101
Featured in Author Pat Hartman's Blog.

Stunning Singapore River - Clark Quay
Featured in

The Golden Reflections - The Dazzling Lights

The interesting flowers planter box
River of gold - Clark Quay
Featured in S'pore Press Holdings, Stomp- Singapore Seen.

The Singapore Biopolis - (A*STAR) One-North
Featured in leading female architect and designer website:

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1. Stunning sunset, 2. The Singapore Merlion, 3. Clark Quay sunset, 4. River of gold, 5. The Biopolis fish pond, 6. Spontaneity, 7. Biopolis buildings, 8. The colourful houses of Singapore River,

9. On the way to Botanical garden, 10. Stunning Singapore River, 11. Beautifu patterns of the sky, the clouds are drawings, 12. Sunset, 13. A street off Ximenting, 14. Taipei 101, 15. The Espanade, Theatres on the Bay, 16. Las Vegas intergrated resorts